Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon AV9 Van Tyres


The Avon AV9 tyres are van tyres that are suitable for medium to large vans used for commercial purposes. The tyres are designed to cope with heavy loads at a high capacity, on-road performance in wet and dry conditions and improved tyre durability.

Extra load capability: The tyres are composed of reinforced carcass that can support heavy loads at high speeds. This ensures that performance levels are maintained at all times to guarantee a stable and comfortable drive in all conditions.
Enhanced tyre protection: The tyres are equipped with toughened sidewalls which are made of reinforced rubber. This effectively protects the tyres against kerbing damage and potholes. This feature has been implemented to improve the safety of your van when driving in tough or demanding conditions.  
Ability to cover greater distances: Tyre durability is an important consideration for van tyres to keep the overall operation costs low. The tread compound used offers enhanced resistance to wear and accidental damage, making the tyres durable and long lasting. Due to this, the van can now travel an increased mileage making these tyres an excellent value for money proposition.
Wet weather performance: The tyres offer exceptional aquaplaning resistance which improves wet weather performance. The tread is also responsible for enhancing grip and improving cornering stability of the vans.

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Matt Briggs - 27th January, 2016

I have tried other brands and these offer the best all round value as well as giving good grip. The also give low road noise which can be quite sometimes be annoying on wide tyres like these
10 out of 10

Mr R holland - 9th December, 2015

Very pleased with my purchase
10 out of 10

Dave Jones - 20th February, 2014

I find these tyres excellent for the job in hand - clearly, as they're on a campervan driven by a geriatric (or his wife) they don't get overly stressed but their security and stability are fine, their wear levels are good, their price was competitive and I'll happily buy them again.
10 out of 10

geoff gardner - 8th October, 2013

Very pleased with the tyres ,and the price was excellent.
10 out of 10

Richard - 9th March, 2012

Purchased as a deal for the set. All appears to be well and I'm very satisfied with the tyres and fitting. Will certainly use again if price compares well to competitors
10 out of 10

Paul - 2nd February, 2011

Generally pleased with the fitting service so will definitely consider buying this brand of this brand of tyre again from tyre shopper.
8 out of 10

Andrew Fraser - 18th November, 2010

I have returned one of these tyres as a bubble appeared in the wall and it seems there is a fault with the tyre.
1 out of 10

Mr William Reynolds - 11th October, 2010

Best tyre for its price and quality that i have ever come across
10 out of 10

- 30th September, 2010

The tyres are fitted on the front only
7 out of 10

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